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Last Update: 10-21-2016  

Conference Champs Back to Back Three-Peat  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  10 11 Time Consecutive CAAC Red Conference Champs!








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Panther Puzzle:


Wow, what a run. Opening the third quarter, Menominee's kicker Sam Larson appeared to have his kickoff headed out of bounds, only to have it bounce funny and stay in bounds. Derek Hamp made a quick decision and pounced on the ball at the Panther six yard line.

The next thing you know, sophomore fullback David Locher shot through the defensive line and and sprinted 94 yards into the Panther history books and a touchdown, the longest run from scrimmage in Panther history.  

Question: Whose record did Locher surpass?

Answer: Against Linden in 2013, Ben Heinritz took the handoff from QB Jacob Johnson, at the 7 yard line, burst through the left side of the line behind a devestating wash block from Chris Bukowski and a nice downfield screen from Josh Borta and never stopped until he found the north end zone. You don't recall that one? Well, here it is on the first play of Ben's video. Enjoy.  


Did you know?


We are staying on the theme of the DeWitt Panther Defense. It has been very strong this season. Menominee did gain 286 yards total Friday night, but is about 200 lesss than last season's game at Menominee. A lot of the credit goes to head defensive coach Kyle Haskell, line coach Professor John Vertalka, linebacker coach Phil Wilson and backs coach Tim Williams. The six man front against Menominee was very strong.

For the season, the defense is allowing less than 30% of third down conversions and only 5 of 17 fourth down converions. Opponents are only averaging 3.1 yards per carry rushing, 84 yards rushing per game and a total of 12 touchdowns. Four of those were from Grand Ledge.

Also, the defense has 25 sacks on the season and 19 batted passes.

Take a quick bow defense, great effort. Now get back to work, don't read your press.



Playoff selection show, Sunday at 7:00pm on Fox Sports Detroit.

Portage, MI (10-21-2016): The DeWitt Panthers (8-1) knocked the Portage Northern Huskies (5-4) out of an automatic birth in the 2016 MHSAA playoffs with a 49-14 victory at McCamley Field in Portage Friday night. The Panthers will wait to see who their first round opponent will be while Portage Northern will keep their fingers crossed that they have enough points to get them in as a 5-4 team.

On a cool and beautiful fall evening, Northern honored their seniors prior to the game. Offensively the two teams mirrored each other, with Northern's formations in the spread looking very much like DeWitt's. Husky QB Michael Lincoln spread his passes around to seven different receivers and looked to a single back, Joe Brown to carry the load running the ball. On the first play from scrimmage after DeWitt kicked off to start the game, Lincoln threw long to speedster Duane Jackson but Michael Wilkinson was with Jackson stride for stride to bat away the pass. Northern did score on the drive when Noah Hecht burst through the line for a 52 yard run for a quick 7-0 lead.

DeWitt's Sophomore fullback David Locher, apparently not tired from his 94 yard run last week against Menominee, burst through the middle of a huge hole in the Panther line and ran 72 yards for the first Panther TD. Our hot chocolate was still too hot to drink and we had 14 points on the board and 150 yards of offense already

DeWitt held Northern to a three and out their second offensive set. The Panthers promptly scored on their second drive, and third, and fourth possession of the first QUARTER. The drives were long, the number of plays were not. Darin Weber scored from 17 yards out, then came a pass from Will Nagle to Alan Smith for 19 yards, and JD Ross for a 52 yard sprint. Northern did score on a 28 yard Lincoln to Jackson pass and the score was 28-14 at the end of the first quarter.

What started as a wild first quarter, the Panthers started to control the line of scrimmamge in the second quarter defensively and the game turned a bit ragged. Late in the 2nd, DeWitt put together a drive and scored just before the half on Nagle to Ross 28 yard pass to make it 35-14 at the half.

Ross scored again on a 41 yard run in the third quarter. JD played some inspired football, running very hard and gaining yards after contact. DeWitt kept the running game going. The last Panther TD came on a 78 yard drive, in one play. Junior Nicholas Krause is just a taller version of Locher and Krause blasted through the line and sprinted 78 yards for a TD.

DeWitt's defense started slowly then started to put the clamps on. Husky back Joe Brown had 15 carries and only 30 yards. Slot back Hetch had 6 carries for 67 yards, 52 coming on his touchdown run,  as DeWitt held Northern to 100 net yards rushing. QB Lincoln was 11 for 24 passing for 177 yards including the 28 yarder to Jackson. 

The Panthers used a stable of backs Friday night to rack up a school record 484 yards rushing for a single game. Ross ended the night with 170 yards on 10 bruising carries, Locher 123 yards on 9 carries, Krause 94 yards on six carries, Nagle 46 yards and Weber 36 yards.

Nagle on the night was 10 of 13 passing for 118 yards and two TDs. He spread it around well with Smith catching two including a touchdown, Cade Preston one for 12 yards to get a key first down to keep a drive alive, Weber had a catch for ten yards, Ross six for 63 and a score. Anthony Joseph played well in the fourth quarter and the lefty fired a couple of perfect passes in key third down situations; a five yarder to Andrew Mello and a nice six yard pass to Jacob Chambers.

Jack Horan was perfect on all seven of his extra points he attempted.

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OT Final
DeWitt Panthers 28 7 7 7 0 49
Portage Northern Huskies 14 0 0 0 0 14


Team Plays Yards Description
Portage Northern Huskies 6 77 at 9:48 1st Q, H, 1st D & 10, Noah Hecht rushes for 52 for a TD
Portage Northern Huskies n/a n/a 1st Q, H, Hasten Biddlecome makes extra point
DeWitt Panthers 4 72 at 9:15 1st Q, V, 2nd D & 10, David Locher rushes for 72 for a TD
DeWitt Panthers n/a n/a 1st Q, V, Jack Horan makes extra point
DeWitt Panthers 6 56 at 5:14 1st Q, V, 1st D & 10, Daren Weber rushes for 17 for a TD
DeWitt Panthers n/a n/a 1st Q, V, Jack Horan makes extra point
DeWitt Panthers 3 70 at 2:44 1st Q, V, 1st D & 10, Will Nagle passes to Alan Smith for 19, TD
DeWitt Panthers n/a n/a 1st Q, V, Jack Horan makes extra point
Portage Northern Huskies 5 78 at 0:42 1st Q, H, 3rd D & 6, Michael Lincoln passes to Duane Jackson for 28, TD
Portage Northern Huskies n/a n/a 1st Q, H, Hasten Biddlecome makes extra point
DeWitt Panthers 2 63 at 0:11 1st Q, V, 1st D & 10, JD Ross rushes for 52 for a TD
DeWitt Panthers n/a n/a 1st Q, V, Jack Horan makes extra point
DeWitt Panthers 6 76 at 0:36 2nd Q, V, 1st D & 10, Will Nagle passes to JD Ross for 28, TD
DeWitt Panthers n/a n/a 2nd Q, V, Jack Horan makes extra point
DeWitt Panthers 8 64 at 2:24 3rd Q, V, 4th D & 2, JD Ross rushes for 41 for a TD
DeWitt Panthers n/a n/a 3rd Q, V, Jack Horan makes extra point
DeWitt Panthers 2 78 at 10:22 4th Q, V, 1st D & 10, Nick Krause rushes for 78 for a TD
DeWitt Panthers n/a n/a 4th Q, V, Jack Horan makes extra point





Week 9



5 - 0

8 - 1

Beat Portage Northern 49-14



4 - 1

8- 1

Beat Detroit Community  38-0


St. Johns

3 - 2

5- 4

Beat Goodrich 52-0 



2 - 3

4 - 5

Beat Petoskey 31-0



1 - 4

2 - 7

Lost to Fowlerville 49-34



0 - 5

0 - 8

Lost to Monroe Jefferson 46-33 



*2016 Playoff Qualifier

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Panther News and Notes:

DeWitt, MI (01-04-2016): The DeWitt Football records have been updated to include the 2015 season. Please click here to review the records.

Panther Profiles:

DeWitt, MI (Fall 2015): Many players have had the opportunity to move on from high school football to the college game from DeWitt High School. Recently, DeWittFootball.org had the opportunity to catch up with Ryan Anderson. Ryan was a receiver for the DeWitt 2011 and 2012 teams. Ryan was accepted to play football for Saginaw Valley State University, following in the steps of several other Panthers, including Caleb Higbie and Jason Fleet. Ryan played at SVSU for two seasons and now plays for Olivet College.

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DeWitt, MI (Winter 2015): Recently DeWittFootball.org had the opportunity to catch up with Paul Jorgensen. Paul was one of the most talented players to play for DeWitt and was an integral part of the success of the program from 2007 through 2009. A two way lineman for the Panthers, he played the “blind side” left tackle on offense and end on defense. 

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The DeWitt Panthers have played a lot of great games over the years, but perhaps none as exciting at the 2012 Division 3 District Championship game at Linden.

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