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Last Update: 11-24-2014

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2014 CAAC Red Standings (* Clinched Playoff Spot)





5 - 0

10 - 1

*St. Johns

4 - 1

8 - 2


3 - 2

8 - 4


2 - 3

4 - 5

Waverly 1 - 4 3 - 6

0 - 5

1 - 8

Over the next few weeks, we will wrap up the season with some tidbits here and there and celebrate the 25th anniversary of DeWitt's first state final game. It will include some pictures and other goodies. If you have any pictures or items of interest from 1989 you would like to share, please email them to us at info@DeWittFootball.org.

We will have the records updated just after the first of the year. The players are the first to see them each season and will be part of their packets for the banquet.

Did you know? Connor Grice and Ben Zamaira are one of the most defensive minded pair that have come through DeWitt for some time. The two seniors have 183 and 194 tackles recorded through their career. Grice missed several games this season and would have surely topped the 200 mark for his career. If they did get past Grice at linebacker, Ben would wrap them up. He had 114 solo tackles for his career along with 10 interceptions and five batted passes. In the state finals last season, Ben recorded 20 tackles.












Twenty Five Years Ago:  (Fifth in the series of DeWitt's first football state final team)

The DeWitt Panthers finished the 1989 season undefeated. The after wins over ranked Ludington, Cheyboygan, Zeeland with U-M bound  quarterback Jay Riemersma and now to play in the Class B finals in the Pontiac Silverdome to play Farmington Hills Harrison. It was considered a Davey vs Goliath. DeWitt (537) was the smallest school enrollment wise in Class B and Harrison (905) was the largest in Class B. Harrison was the defending state Class B champion and was led by one of the most exciting players in the state of Michigan, Mill "The Thrill" Coleman who was under the coaching of legendary John Herrington.

Panther coach Gail Thornton recalls....

The next week was full of great experiences, and we had lots of folks telling us that we should just be thankful for getting there, and they hoped that Farmington would not embarrass our kids, because after all they were ranked as the number 7 team in the nation!!  Thursday was Thanksgiving, so I cancelled practice, I told the kids if they didn't know what they were doing by this point, another practice wasn't going to change much.  I told them to go, be with their families and enjoy the moment.  On Friday we did our final walk through and all seemed to be calm.  On Saturday, I'll never forget the send-off, and we didn't have a clue it was coming.  When we walked out of the locker room to head down the hallway to the bus out by the pool entrance (the high school at that time is the current Junior High), there were hundreds of people packed into the hall with just a small opening for us to walk through.  No one said anything, they just clapped, as we walked by.  I thought that was it until we started out of the parking lot.  When we got out on Herbison Road there were people on both sides of the road, it was packed all the way to the expressway.  I still get a little overwhelmed if I think about that moment very long. The game was unbelievable, our kids not only stayed in the game, but had the lead for much of the evening.  Farmington decided to take Mike Cowdry away from us, but they hadn't counted on John Telford, Gibby Hicks, John Cowan and many others who were more than capable of taking up the slak.  We got the lead back with around 2 minutes left, which made the score 27-21, but we just couldn't hold them off in the end, and they beat us on the scoreboard 28-27, but they didn't really beat us, they simply found a way to survive.  I was told afterwards that there were over 40,000 people there, and that game is still considered one of the finest final games ever.
I say without a doubt that this particular experience made me realize what the old saying "It's not the destination, but the journey to get there that really counts" really means, and it is oh so true.  Everyone thought that DeWitt's real shot was the year before when we lost in the semi-final to Detroit St Martin Deporess, and many of those fine young men graduated, it was thought that we would be pretty good, but nothing like the 88 team.  I hope I can say my final thought correctly:  Too me, the final game was great, however the journey to get there is what most impresses me.  What a ride!

How are the playoff teams and pairings made? Please click here to read the article by Geoff Kimmerly.


 Panther News & Notes:

DeWitt, MI (10-24-2014): Please click here to enjoy the article on Brown University bound Jacob Wozniewski in the Lansing State Journal.

DeWitt, MI (10-06-2014): Please click here to enjoy the article on Cameron Fegeur written by Seth Newman of MLive.

Detroit, MI (09-19-2014): Must read, must share article by one of the finest high school writers in the State, Mick McCabe. Congratulations Ben Zamaira.

What a very special moment. with just over a minute to play in the DeWitt and Mason game, Brad Wilton took the snap from under center. The southpaw quickly turned to his left and threw a ball toward wide out Jay Granger. Granger made a great catch, put a move on DeWitt safety Ben Zamaira and rambled 65 yards toward the end zone,  where the band was sitting and cheering the play for Mason's only touchdown of the game. Granger, a special needs student at Mason HIgh School was able to enjoy the moment with his team mates as the Mason band played the fight song while players hoisted Granger to their shoulders to celebrate the touchdown.


Detroit, MI (08-25-2014): Please click here and enjoy the article Mick McCabe wrote on DeWitt being one of his top teams in the state. Jacob Johnson is also ranked in the top 25 players in the state by McCabe, please click here to view that article.

Tom Markowski of the Detroit News has the Panthers ranked in the top 10 as well. Please click here to view his article.

Jeff Dullack has written a nice article on Jacob Johnson, please click here and enjoy the article.



  Nine Conference Championships in a row!













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